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Refocus your Marketing during Covid-19

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

While we are spending more time at home, use this time to make sure your marketing is top of mind, relevant and engaging. What can you do today (while in isolation) to help your business and brand tomorrow.


Do you need to update your brand? Is there consistency? Logos, colours, and the language your business uses all needs to have a consistent theme and will demonstrate credibility to your clients.


First of all, do you have web presence? If the answer is no, I would highly encourage you to consider a website that stays consistent to your brand. As well as credibility, it is a low cost opportunity for your business to be available to the 3.5 billion google searches each day. Personalised Domains are a small cost that provide a great return.


There are many social media platforms, do you have a presence on at least one of these platforms and how do you communicate with your users? Depending on your chosen platform, will depend on the strategy you take. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular, and if you have chosen Instagram, make sure you get your head around how hashtags work. Socials could take up a whole page, so if you have any questions just reach out!

Google My Business

If you have not claimed your business/set up your business on Google My Business, take this time to do just that! It is a free service offered by Google. Look at it as a White Pages listing for the digital age!


Have a look at your content, is there anything missing that you should be offering to compliment your business? Content can include anything from brochures, business cards, signage, newsletters, templates, invoices , fact sheets, gift certificates and even digital content. Make sure it all talks to each other and remains consistent with your brand and product/service.

Database Management

Do you have a database that you communicate with? If you don't could this be part of your strategy to retain future business? Consider if this needs to be part of your web presence or communication with existing clients. Create a plan of how you will communicate with them now & in the future.

Develop a strategic business and marketing plan

Answer these questions:

- What will keep you in business during this time?

- If the economy was to restart again tomorrow, what would you be doing to keep your existing clients or obtain new ones?

- What can you do today, to help your business and brand tomorrow.

Belinda is an experienced Marketing Manager with 15 years on the job experience working for the last 10 years with small businesses to increase sales and brand presence in the retail environment.

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